Read about the latest improvements we are making to River’s Edge.

Additional Area for Nazar Market

Additional area for Nazar Market being completed.

Traffic Signal Enhancements

A new state-of-the-art camera-controlled traffic signal was recently installed at the intersection of River’s Edge Drive and South Entry to River’s Edge. This system is designed to allow convenient entries to and departures from River’s Edge and consistent traffic flow on River’s Edge Drive. The new system even provides an option to count the vehicles on River’s Edge Drive and those entering and leaving River’s Edge.

Park Benches

The benches in the Park are being freshened – removing the existing slats followed by sanding and staining. The work began May 26, 2022 in the southern section of the Park and is continuing north.

Gated Entry To The Upper Garage Levels

To enhance control, garage management efficiency, and security, PLA has added gated access to the upper levels utilizing a flexible state-of-the art system created by Flash Parking. Subject to data entered into the system, the gate can be activated by access cards, smart phones, transponders, and with a modification, license plates. The system became operational on April 12, 2022.